Thank You for stepping into our creative world.

We are Sandra and Vid – a couple of photographers and parents of the lively boy Elijus. He is a spark and our biggest inspiration.

 London UK based artists, specializing in natural light creative photography.

We capture moments of persons inner world which could be unexpected and colourful with divergent expressions. We always had a connection with the world of dreams and fantasy, something that lets us to unlock our emotions. We love to experiment with colours, different scenes in nature and connect it with human’s world.

Belief in magic of tiny moments helps us to create unique stories, dramatic and lyric images. We admire a beauty of mindfulness, finding something special in imperfections.

Our works have been featured in ‘This Magazine’, ‘Sheeba Magazine’, ‘Londoniete’, ‘Dark Beauty Magazine’, ‘Gilded Magazine’, ‘Surreal Magazine’, ‘International Kid Model Magazine’ etc.

We have been awarded by famous photography organisations like ‘The Societies of Photographers’, ‘The National Photographic Society’, ‘Chromatic Awards’, ‘35awards – International Photography Awards’.