‘Boudoir and Beauty’ photographer of the year 2021 awarded by a famous international photography organization.


It’s so important for us photographers, to step out of our comfort zone and try something that allows us to grow, learn, experiment and finally achieve amazing results.

Entering pictures to photography competitions is a great way to push hard on yourself as an artist and to place all your knowledge, skills and of course your creativity to compete with other great photographers in different categories.

It takes time and it’s not easy 🙂 To stand out and to get a good appreciation is hard work to do. Judges are looking for uniqueness and a ‘wow’ effect, what senses an image evokes. For us photographers, it’s a huge artistic task to tell a story in a photograph, which impacts the viewer and evokes an emotion. Technical skills, composition, the centre of interest, lightning and other things are very important too. This means that we have to plan carefully the whole process of creating a picture: from the inspiration and idea in our mind to the final eye-catching photograph.

We started entering images into the monthly image competitions with one of the biggest photography organizations The Societies of Photographers a while ago. Thankfully many of our images have received ‘Highly Commended’ and a few ‘Gold’ awards in ‘Open Avant Garde’, ‘Boudoir and Beauty’, ‘Portrait Creative’, ‘Children’, and ‘Fashion’ categories. It always melts our hearts and motivates us to create more!

We were blown away when we were nominated for the photographer of the year in the ‘Boudoir and Beauty’ category. During awards evening all nominees were invited on stage to get their diplomas and only one was awarded as a photographer of the year in a certain category. To hear your name as a winner is something that you cannot describe in words! Full heart of gratitude, disbelief (is that me?)  and endless joy, that’s the feeling!

‘The impact of the image draws you in, the way the photographer has draped the fabric leads you to the woman and the way the photographer has handled the red and the skin tones is wonderful and it’s just an iconic boudoir and beauty image’ – this is how judges have described our image.

We are grateful to all people who trust us, who work with us, to our lovely models, makeup artists, designers, our family and friends. We are happy and proud to serve our lovely clients around Sutton, Surrey and London, UK.

We definitely will not stop entering images into the competitions. And none of the photographers should stop doing that! Be patient, work hard, think out of the box, and experiment and you will achieve great results.