Top 5 Pregnancy Photoshoot Styling Ideas From The Maternity Photographer In Sutton, Surrey


Pregnancy is a super special time in life. It’s a journey for an every couple, full of surprises, divergent emotions and moments to remember.

As maternity photographers, our main goal is to document this magical journey in the way that reveals its charm and specialness.

We are Sutton, Surrey based maternity photographers and we would love to share some ideas, that to help pregnant ladies to decide on styling, and what to choose to wear during a session.

When it comes to a maternity photo session, we feel that style and styling takes a very important role. We all have a different taste on personal style, clothes we wear, colours we like, jewellery we add as a detail, etc. There are various type of styles (artistic, formal, casual, powerful, mature, playful and so on) and it could reflect your personality. Therefore we suggest to stick with the personal taste and the style you feel most comfortable with and true self even during a maternity session. We are always happy to advice and answer all questions regarding the style during the pre-session consultation!

Let us share the most popular and inspirational styling tips for a pregnancy photoshoot.

  1. Maxi fluffy dress…

Long and big in volume maternity gowns are super popular and not only because they are comfortable to wear. A maxi dress adds romantics and a dreamy mood to the maternity photographs. Agree, you do not have a chance to wear a super fluffy dress every day and enjoy yourself like a princess! Dresses made from tulle fabric are very light and have a good volume that to add a floating fabric effect for more dynamics in the picture.

We have accumulated a great collection of different type maternity dresses and with a pleasure provide them to our clients. Some of our dresses are made by a talented international designers:

Maxi dresses cold be used for a studio and outdoors photoshoots. They work well to create a dreamy, fairy-tale inspired look. Some details like props or accessories could be added to strengthen the style.


2. Form Fitting Outfits…

Some ladies love fluffy dresses, some prefer to define the body shape and a bump. In this case we advise to wear a form fitting dresses, which are very elegant and classy, also adds a timeless quality to the photographs.

Whether you choose to take maternity pictures, outdoors or in photo studio, wearing a fitted dress you will always look fashionable. Classic colours like black, white or vibrant red could add an extra vibe, like from the fashion magazine cover.


3. Fabric Draping…

Fabrics are very popular because of the flexibility of styling variations. We do provide a selection of fabrics for pregnant ladies, depending on what looks they want to go for. Fabric draping works best for the studio sessions, but could be easily used outdoors too.

There are a variety of options how a piece of long fabric could be used for a maternity photo-session.  A model could be covered or wrapped in, also a beautiful floating dress could be shaped from the fabric. We always advice to wear a skin colour underwear if a fabric draping is chosen for a styling.


4. Nude Or Semi-Nude…

Some ladies love to enhance their body and bump in photographs. These images are powerful and boost self-esteem, and true femininity.

For the intimate maternity sessions a variety of styling options could be used. The most popular outfits to wear for a pregnancy boudoir are bodysuits, beautiful lingerie sets, light fabrics, lace robes, etc. For a completely nude photographs, we as photographers make sure the posing works well and helps to cover an intimate body parts and focus on enhancing a bump. Some props, accessories could be added as a detail too.   


5. Casual Style…

Casual styling is simple and works for both, a studio and outdoor photoshoots. The most important here is to make sure that colours of clothes works well together. We advise to choose earthy and simple colour tones, like white, linen, brown, green, yellow, etc. Avoid busy patterns and letters, or logos as they are always distracting. For this type of style you can choose to wear jeans and shirt, t-shirt, skirt, loose trousers, jacket, blouse, etc. Everything you feel comfortable to wear, works great for a casual style maternity sessions.

We hope our most popular styling ideas for a pregnancy photoshoot gives some help and inspiration to prepare yourself and decide on what to wear during the session.

We are Sutton, Surrey UK based and happy to travel to the desired location to capture your unique maternity photo-session.

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