Fairytale and Magic Inspired Maternity Photos / Engaging Visual Stories about Queens and Princesses


Let’s dive into the world of Fairytale!

Pregnancy period is so special to every women that it is hard to put all feelings into words. Pregnancy is wonderful and difficult, it is joyful and tearful, but despite all mixed emotions and sleepless nights, it is a period of MAGIC, which you’ll remember for a lifetime.

It’s a miracle of life which could be beautifully documented in timeless photographs. A powerful feminine pregnancy photoshoot celebrates the strength, beauty, and empowerment of women during this transformative time in their lives.

To photograph this special waiting time, as a magical moment from a fairytale is so exciting!


We are Sutton, Surrey UK based pregnancy photographers and our aim is to make every lady to feel unique and glowing in pictures. Like a Fairy, like a Queen, like a Goddess!

A Fairytale inspired maternity session usually starts from the idea and the creative mood planning. We as photographers are open to our lovely client’s visions and desires, therefore we always offer a pre-session consultation to discuss each detail.

Firstly we decide on the mood we want to create: romantic, mystical, dreamy, gothic or vintage, you name it… It is important as it reflects your personality, your likings and your inner world. Once the theme is chosen, we start designing all elements: outfits and styling, location, props, etc.


We are happy to provide beautiful gowns from our personal collection for free of charge. Some of our dresses are made by a very talented designers:

Fairytale is all about long and fluffy dresses, Queens and Fairies, therefore properly chosen outfits and each detail strengthens the enhanced feel in final photographs. To match colours, accessories, crowns or flower headpieces, we find it so exciting! Incorporating personal props could always add a meaningful detail to your images too.

We love to encourage the expectant mother to pose in whimsical and graceful ways. Experiment with poses such as twirling or flow your dress, sitting amidst a field of flowers, or leaning against a tree trunk with a dreamy expression.


If desired, the partner or other family members could be involved in the photoshoot to create a sense of togetherness and love. Capture intimate moments of connection and anticipation as the family awaits the arrival of the new addition.

To create a unique magical photographs, it is very important to find a location, which reflects a session mood. Deep woods, mossy trees, magnificent architecture, sun kissed seaside, flowery meadows, rose gardens, etc. There are so many choices of breath-taking locations! We are happy to advice on magical locations resembling a fairytale setting.


Surrey, UK is a perfect countryside, offering most beautiful spots for magical pictures. Of course, this mood could be created in photo studio too. A combination of beautiful light, fine art backdrops, stunning gowns, accessories or props, and the most important an idea itself, is the best recipe for a Fairytale creation.

To be honest creative maternity sessions are one of our favorite. From the idea to the final image, edited in our signature painterly style, the whole process is so exciting and inspiring.

It’s such a heart-warming feeling to create together with you your unique portraits, which you will cherish forever. If you like Fairytale style images, please take a look at our Galleries. We are Sutton, Surrey UK based and happy to travel to the desired location to capture your unique maternity photo-session.

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